May 27th 2022 Blog

I am in India until the middle of July… WHY OH WHY?  Do I go there for my education? Why India? What about health & food issues, poverty and overpopulation? And in the summer when it’s gorgeous in Colorado?  #wth

In my opinion, you can find chaos ANYwhere!  New York City, Guadalajara México, Thailand, and more…  There is an organization to the chaotic lifestyle of India.  I generally spend my time in the sleepy northern part of Rishikesh where it’s known to be a Yogi town.  It’s alcohol and meat free.  Travelers come from all over the world on an inner pilgrimage to soul shine and find a deeper meaning to life.  It’s quite a beautiful energy in a person, as they unwind social dogma. 

The Peppermint and ‘Himalayan’ Geranium, both featured this month, come from India.  The ancient practices and heirloom seeds cannot be matched.  There is a unique pride in work, that I find unmatched.  India even has it’s own time zone.  Did you know that? It’s 11.5 hours ahead during daylight savings and 12.5 hours ahead on standard time, from Colorado. Exactly ½ way around the globe.  Yup, they are off of everyone in the world by 30 minutes. So strange!  And so wonderful!

We have access to more and more education and in many ways we are returning back to medicine that grows from the earth and science that can be felt from the stars.  Vedic astrology was always the science kings relied upon, it’s evolved in so many ways but it’s inception was also in India.  It’s this cosmic science I am studying in India this time.  I’ll be able to offer guidance on scientific aspects of who you are and the timing of things in your life.  It’s quite fascinating.  Book a discovery call and let me introduce you to yourSELF in a way you’ve always wanted to be seen.. The truth of who you are, not the stories of what’s evolved.  If you cannot find an opening in my calendar,  message me personally and I’ll get you set up!

India is the motherland of wisdom in my opinion..

peace + love!
Somah Devi Ma

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