February 10th, 2022

Ritualistic tools in ‘transcending’ life; and yes, I mean “dying”, have included tools like burning dried medicinal plants.

Incense.. In mental balancing and wellness, it just makes SCENTS!

The first form of aromatic “therapy” was burning incense.  Therapy, meaning calming the nervous system, the mind and ‘fumigating’ large crowds from viral  pandemics.  Not a fan of being in a ‘smoking room’?  Light the incense and come back in 45 minutes to a velvety smooth aroma with a hint of whatever the scent was… Jasmine, Vetiver, Rose etc..

What does incense really do? How can breathing in smoke IMPROVE lung functionality, especially if lungs are damaged? Why do people ‘sage’ a room?  Can incense ever be toxic?

The toxicity comes from poor quality items and synthetic fillers. True and fine incense is pure dried plant matter.

Incense has been used for thousands of years to treat problems exactly like what we’re facing now.

Incense has been used during pandemics, times of stress and for spiritual and ritual uses because it supports a variety of issues:

  • Incense is used to disinfect and purify the air… (Historically combating viruses like the Black Plague, Spanish flu, and many other pandemic outbreaks)
  • Pure incense aromas support a deeper relaxation in spiritual practices and rituals that are grounding which can provide more comfort during challenging times.
  • Inhaling incense can balance the nervous system to calm nerves, reducing anxiety and even fear.
  • Strengthens the immune system protecting lung health, and if you get sick, the body’s natural healing ability will be more prepared to work more effectively..
  • Burning incense provides an uplifting environment through smelling gorgeous aromas. 
  • At the end or beginning of one’s life, incense can ease the spirit in the direction of travel. 

There’s a lot going on around the planet. A global pandemic. Political and social conflict. Effects of climate change, including massive wildfires.

Anxiety and stress levels are at all-time continued highs.

Aromatic plants have been used as preventative medicine, air purification, immune boosters, stress and anxiety detox, symptom control when people get sick, as spiritual aids, and for simple enjoyment and peace through countless pandemics throughout history. 

..So why shouldn’t they work for us now? The plants haven’t changed.

Try using incense to maintain peace and healing wherever you are.

peace + love!
Somah Devi Ma

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