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Having fun is an essential part of life don’t you think? Can you have ‘fun’ doing something ‘dull’ …and be ‘irritated’ when doing an activity that brings ‘joy’?   Why is this? I have a saying, “It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, it’s who you are with”.  Our state of consciousness is always more powerful than our state of affairs.  How can we change our state of mind/consciousness?

I HAVE AN OIL FOR THAT!!  read on..

Almond Oil is a WONDER carrier oil.  It’s a fabulous ‘fatty’ oil that extends the absorption rate of essential oils or simply acts as its own moisturizer.  It has a softly sweet scent and feels luxurious on the skin. 

Did you know that the almond is found inside the fruits of the almond tree? These pretty fruits look so similar to peaches. Almonds are high in vitamins A & E and carry powerful omega 3 fatty acids, minerals including potassium, phosphorus and zinc.  Cold pressing the oil properly keeps these nutrients active.

Almond oil is used often in Ayurveda because its ‘doshic balance’ is calming.  Using Almond oil for a baby’s foot massage will certainly ease the mood and belly.   Even ‘big babies’ over the age of 20!  And you don’t need to add any Essential oils at all.  But we understand that you wanna!

Adding oils like Frankincense, carterii or this month’s featured Majmua Udd attar will enhance the bouquet and the medicinal benefits.  Using almond oil in a salt scrub is heavenly; we are offering a DIY class in May that will include a lot of information.  Can’t make it but want to Zoom in? Reply to this email and we’ll add you to our list.

Gorgeous Body Oil

1 oz. Almond oil

6 drops Majmua Udd attar

6-8 drops Mandarin (red is brighter in aroma) ~Frankincense would add more of an earthy scent.

  1. Use liberally after a shower/bath on skin
  2. Deep scalp treatment. Massage in ½ oz covering ends, leave on overnight; ADD SHAMPOO TO DRY/OILY HAIR first and create paste, then add water and rinse out oil. May shampoo twice (lightly, second time)
  3. Lightly add oil to dry hair ends
  4. Use lightly to skin over pulse points and apply additional UNscented oil/creme to seal in soft scent

Let me know how you used the oils this month!  We love hearing from you.
peace + love!Somah

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