Wild Sage Hydrosol


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Botanical Name: Salvia officinalis
Origin: Provence, France

Facial: Use for oily and acne-prone skin. May be used to prepare face for Veriditas Acne Treatment.
Body: Use as a refreshing body toner any time of day. May also be spritzed under arms before applying Veriditas Deodorants for increased protection against odor causing bacteria.
Home: Spray yourself and your space to clear, ground and restore. Use before a yoga or meditation practice. A fresh, smokeless alternative to smudging.

Our hydrosols are distilled in stainless steel stills and processed through certified organic methods in Europe – BIO, SIMPLE and ECOCERT. True hydrosols are not essential oils added to water; they are the bi-product of essential oil distillation. Also known as floral waters, hydrolates, flower waters or distillates, hydrosols contain all of the water-soluble elements of a plant and are very effective for skin care, as well as extremely safe. As they are a milder extract, hydrosols are suitable for all manner of applications where essential oils would be too strong. In most hydrosols there is less than 5% naturally occurring essential oil.

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