Uma Lakshmi Lotus




Uma Lakshmi Lotus

Plant Name: Night Blooming Jasmine, Orange, Rose absolute (India) in Jojoba oil

About Uma Lakshmi Lotus Essential Oil

  • Somah created a deeply inviting personal blend for herself.
  • As she wore it there were many requests to re-create it for others.
  • It began as a “meditation blend” to bring in:
  • Passionate intimacy
  • Abundance in her growing business;
  • both grounded in L O V E.

How to Use Uma Lakshmi Lotus  Essential Oil

  • Roll on to pulse points or on the bottoms of feet before meditation.
  • It’s great to smear into the palms before adding hair product for a seductive hair scent!

Other Ways To Use Uma Lakshmi Lotus  Essential Oil

  • This is NOT for the diffuser due to the Jojoba oil, which is a carrier

Use in Ayurveda for Uma Lakshmi Lotus Essential Oil

  • Calms Vata
  • Stimulates Pitta
  • Balances Kapha

Aromatic Profile and Product Details of Uma Lakshmi Lotus Essential Oil

  • Deeply sweet with a soft hint of rose

Blends well with These Essential Oils

  • Stands alone, this one does!

Safety Considerations for Uma Lakshmi Lotus Essential Oil

  • Use caution in Pregnancy, as it is Night Blooming Jasmine

History or facts of Uma Lakshmi Lotus Essential Oil

  • Somah was feeling discouraged about a few things in her life. She was enjoying creating a personal EsScents for those with an intention or goal in mind.
  • One afternoon in her lab, she decided to create an “Essential oil spell” for herself.
  • She was eager for ‘high quality’ passion
  • She wanted her business to boom and connect globally
  • She felt it was important to act from a place of Divine Love
  • As she wore it, there were so many compliments that came in requesting it, she made it public for all.

Additional information


8 mL (roll-on), sample, 5 mL


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