Total Starter Package



The Total Starter Package includes all 11 EZ Collections:

Body Care Collection
Carry It!
Cooking Favs
Drink It Up!
Earth Kit
Exotic Oils
Family Collection
Inner Peace Collection
Medicinal Cabinet
Spray Collection
Starter Kit

The price of this package reflects a 20% discount!

Body Care Collection:
Bug Bite Eraser 8 mL, Bug OFF! Bug RepellentGumDropps,
Men’s Deodorant 8 mL, and Women’s Deodorant 8 mL

Carry It!: 4 oz each
Almond OilApricot Seed Oil, and Jojoba Oil

Cooking Favs:
AniseBasilCardamomCinnamonLimeOrange, and Oregano

Drink It Up!:
GrapefruitLemonLimeOrange, and Peppermint

Earth Kit:
Basil, Holy (Tulsi)CedarwoodEucalyptus, and Gingergrass

Exotic Oils:
Champa, 2 mL Jasmine, 2 mL Rose, 2 mL Cocoa in Jojoba, 5 mL and Vanilla in Jojoba 5 mL

Family Collection:
FrankincenseGeraniumLavenderLemonPeppermint and Tea Tree

Inner Peace Collection:
Frankincense “Heart Note”Mental ClarityMyrrhPatchouliRosemary and Sandalwood

Medicinal Cabinet:
Good SamaritanImmunity BoostRelieve & Regenerate 8 mL,
Sinus Formula and Sleep Aid

Spray Collection: 1 oz each
Champa HydrosolMotia Hydrosol and Rose Hydrosol

Starter Kit:
LavenderLemon and Peppermint


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