Satchel (Essential Oil Carrier Case)




This is a Private Collection just for Savitur!

Savitur has connected to a beautiful woman, Megan, that custom crafts each oil case.

A new limited edition oil satchel, has been added.  In dedication to the root Chakra: the Muladhara.  Notice the delicate red ribbon that decorates the strong dark earthy brown with gold, rich fabric.  They are adorned with a Lava stone and Garnet to honor devotion to Shiva & Kali.  Strong forces that destroy all toxic energies.  Kali is said to be “the natural corrective force in nature”.  BAM!!

Each case has 8 pockets that fit a 15 mL size bottle. The center is hollow so lots of extra goodies can go in there too, like for example, a 1 oz hyrdosol spray bottle of Motia! (pictured)

The cinch ribbon can double back over the case to hold it closed, as pictured.

Buy one for your favorite oil lovers this season.

BE SURE TO GET ONE SOON.  This is a Limited addition.


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