Resin, Oleo-Gum



100% Oleo Gum Resin harvested in Somaliland.

Traditional uses are as an incense for healing purposes. They can be burned on mini-charcoal tablets. Get the ‘quick light’ ones for most ease. Each jar contains 6 oz of hard resin pieces.

Frankincense, boswellia carteri: An anti-inflammatory, calming, centering, anti-fungal, used in spiritual ceremony.

Myrrh, commiphora myrrha: An anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, expectorant, often used in oral health, aids in menstruation issues, anti-inflammatory. Grounding & inspirational.

There are over 24 species in Boswelia varieties of Frankincense.

Frankincense, along with Gold and Myrrh, was included in the gifts presented by the Wise Men to the infant Christ. The frankincense mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible was likely the serrata variety which was introduced into church ceremonies at the beginning of Christianity in Europe during the Middle Ages. On average during this time about 500 tons of frankincense were used by the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches per year. Burning frankincense in churches had hygienic functions as well as spiritual importance: people of the Middle Ages lived in extremely unsanitary conditions, so the fumigation of churches helped reduce contagion through atmospheric purification. Frankincense has traditionally been used for spiritual growth and meditation. It is believed to a have a centering effect on the emotions. It can slow respiration, thus helping your body calm and center itself.

Frankincense also has a wonderfully calming effect on the emotions, reduces anxiety and relieves stress.  It is obtained from resin that the tree exudes, and then hardens. It will help us with parts of our ego which hold us back from connecting with our soul, as well as feelings of unworthiness


Our source for this Organic Frankincense Boswellia Carterii & Myrrh resin was started in 2004 by a husband & wife with the goal of building a socially responsible business with sustainability at its core. As a native Somalilander, the husband learned community business practices through his Mom’s neighborhood store while growing up. After coming to North America as a refugee, he studied business at the University of Montreal and began looking for ways to help his people at home while simultaneously putting some of the key elements of his education to use. The premise was and continues to be leveraging direct sourcing from Somaliland, East Africa to ensure quality and consistency while in turn exercising the opportunity to develop positive, long-term relationships with the Harvesters directly. This led to encouraging development of a Harvesting Community Cooperative, which now sets pricing using fair trade standards to drive livable wages and implements improvements to harvest practices based on sustainability initiatives inclusive in the Organic Plan.

As wild-crafted resins with roots predating recorded human history and minimal success with domesticating the trees for cultivated production, our producers find it both humbling and remarkable to have this opportunity to build a virtual bridge between East Africa and North America. At the same time, 20% of the revenue generated is directed back to the Harvesting Community for initiatives including improving access to clean water, health services, and education.

All distillation takes place in Vermont, USA in stainless steel and is Certified Organic.

We are excited to be working with a like-minded organization and delighted by the quality of the products resulting from their diligence.

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