Relieve & Regenerate (Pain Relief)




Ingredients: HelichrysumPeppermintLavenderClove

Relieve & Regenerate is Somah’s wild-crafted personal blend for pain and bruising.

On the spot relief for aches and pains, arthritis, tendinitis, neuropathy, fibromyalgia and more…Regenerates skin, bone and muscle tissue too!

Helichrysum is the #1 skin and wound healer. It stimulates the capillary beds to increase and produce growth factor of more blood.  It’s blood vitalizing abilities speed healing for bruising.  Peppermint is the driver.  Just a few drops directly on to affected area and allow oils to penetrate deeply into the skin; do not dilute unless its for children and do not apply on broken skin. May be used as often as every 2 hours. Peppermint is a fast acting analgesic and feels icy/hot, so don’t be surprised if you feel a cool tingling sensation! This is Peppermint at work!

Also available with Turmeric to aid as an anti-inflammatory!


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5 mL (roll-on), 8 mL (roll-on), 15 mL, 30 mL, sample


Pain Relief, Pain Relief with Turmeric

7 reviews for Relieve & Regenerate (Pain Relief)

  1. SomahDevi

    Thank you so much for this amazing blend. I think I have ordered it three times now. I put it on my knuckles where I have arthritis and on my neck when its stiff. I love how SB carries the special blends – they work! Carie F.

    Thank you Carie! Love, Somah

  2. SomahDevi

    This product is incredible!! Thank you!! Candace C.

    Thank you C.. we love hearing from our customers! love, s.

  3. SomahDevi

    Love the rollerball glide on dispenser! This product is fabulous, the scent is wonderful and refreshing! I apply it to my shoulders and neck area before bedtime, it not only eases tension, but helps me fall asleep immediately! A must have in my travel bag for layovers and long flights! Thank you Savitur Botanicals! Karen S.

    Thank you Karen! A great travel tip.. so many uses, indeed
    love, s.

  4. SomahDevi

    A must have for sore muscles. I get immediate relief when I use this. Christine

    Thanks Christine!
    This has been so helpful to so many. I love hearing from you and your appreciation for it. yes.. muscles, headaches.. try the one with added Turmeric for chronic inflammation on the body/limbs..
    love, Somah

  5. SomahDevi

    Use the pain relief all the time-currently it is helping with shoulder pain. Nora F.

    “Hi Nora,

    We are so glad to hear that R&R is helpful in easing the pain. It’s definitely a staple in many of our customer’s (and our) collection for sure! Somah

  6. SomahDevi

    I had a slight pain in my shoulder from a pattern of misusing it for a short time. As I was trying to stretch it out I was having difficulty reaching around due to the pain. The first time I put the pain relief oil on my shoulder I was able to then to get full motion in order to stretch the muscles and massage it. The oil is incredibly effective and works great with the issue I was having. Thank you Savitur. These are wonderful products and very reasonably priced…! Christopher Y.

    Thank you Christopher.. it’s wonderful that you found something to ease your pain and discomfort. The time you took to add a review is much appreciated. Supporting health and wellness is our passion at Savitur.
    in Gratitude, Somah

  7. SomahDevi

    Great product, helps with my pain and lasts long. Oksana K.

    Thank you Oksana.. so good to hear from you. It’s lovely to help support others. love, somah

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