Pine, wild scotch (Bio-Certified)




Botanical Name: Pinus sylvestris
Origin: Austria

This appealing fragrance is deeper, warmer, and more resinous than other pine oils. It is distilled from the needles and twigs of the tree. This Pine essential oil smells like a summery conifer forest; warm, piney, fresh.

  • Invaluable in cleaning and purifying
  • Stimulating, and refreshing
  • Clears the air and releases negative emotions
  • Can be used topically, as a compress, inhaled and diffused.

Keep pine diffusing to promote winter wellness.  Pine essential oil will ground the body and relieve anxiety and stress by aligning the root, sacral, throat, and third eye chakras.  It will bring introspection for self and community.

Wild Scotch, Pine oil is supportive during allergy and cold seasons. Accessing deep breaths, is a benefit (whether for physical or emotional reasons) with this variety. It can rebalance emotional composure and support easy, steady breathing.

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