Palo Santo (Equador)



Botanical name: Bursar graveolens


Palo Santo essential oil only forms under special circumstances.

The oil comes from the wood of the tree, but it only forms two years after the tree has died and fallen – naturally. The oil doesn’t form in trees that are harvested or chopped down. It’s a natural process that can’t be rushed or forced.

So Palo Santo knows that some things are worth the wait!

When the wood can finally be distilled, it gives us a beautiful essential oil that’s an excellent choice for skin care. True to its “long term” nature, Palo Santo oil supports skin’s health over time, and it also offers quicker relief for issues like irritation and inflammation.

This is a steam distilled wild harvest beautiful Palo Santo oil, coming from Equador.  It is a delightful fruity, citrus, precious wood oil. The heartwood is distilled, meaning the tree is used entirely. Like Sandalwood.  This is the reason for Somah connecting to only the most responsible sourcing. It is a fixative used in high class perfumery. It is often burned and used in spiritual ceremony.

I want to share a skin care stock blend that you can use in a few different ways to nourish your skin.

Make the stock blend in a 5 ml bottle.

Palo Santo Skin Care Stock Blend

  • 4 drops Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens)
  • 7 drops Frankincense (Boswellia carterii)
  • 5 drops Carrot Seed (Daucus carota)
  • 4 drops Geranium (Pelargonium × asperum)

Put the essential oils into the 5 ml glass orifice reducer bottle, then tighten the cap. Use from here.

Make a gentle face moisturizer with this blend by putting just 1 drop in a 1 oz (30 ml) bottle of argan oil (Argania spinosa). After washing your face, Massage a bit of your argan oil moisturizer into your skin. Pat off excess with a soft towel.

You can also use your stock blend in body lotion. Add 10 drops to 1 oz (28 g) of unscented natural lotion. Stir with a glass stirring rod or the handle of a stainless steel spoon. Then smooth it over your skin to moisturize and soothe irritation.

May your skin be happy!!

(recipe by Aromahead Institute)

Palo Santo is know to “remove negativity” in spiritual practices. It is used to calm panic attacks and enhances creativity.

This oil is “demo-toxic” oil; meaning it is NOT for bath use. It can be sensitive to the skin if applied directly. Use a Sandalwood oil for skin and bath use if looking for a spiritually grounding oil on the skin.  Or use 1-2 drops of Palo Santo in a 1/2 oz. of Jojoba carrier oil (about a tablespoon).

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