Palo Santo, A Touch of




This “perfume” is a soft scent of Palo Santo, “just a touch”, in an Organic Jojoba oil. NOTHING else is added, no alcohol or any other ingredients.

Palo Santo has an uplifting fragrance. It belongs to the category of “spiritual” oils. The aroma is similar to some frankincense oils.  It can be used in your diffuser to help purify your home and support your health. It is rich in limonene which is a natural purifier.

It is a great oil for meditation, enhanced creativity, and tasks requiring sustained concentration.  It is often used in rituals.  It has a positive effect on the brow and crown chakras. The Incas used it for spiritual cleansing.  It is also used as incense in the Catholic church.

This oil comes from the sacred wood of Ecuador. It is harvested only from dead trees that have been dead for at least two years. The tall tropical palo santo tree is related to both frankincense and myrrh.

Apply to the bottoms of feet before yoga or meditation.  Roll onto hands and deeply inhale for a grounding, calming effect. Safe for children. Wonderful before bedtime for adults to calm the active mind.

Palo Santo is used to remove toxic energy and sensations at a deep emotional level.

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5 mL (roll-on), 8 mL (roll-on), sample


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