Orange, Sweet (Bio-Certified)



Plant Name: Citrus sinenses
Origin: Brazil

About Orange Essential Oil

  • Cold pressed from the peel; which makes it photo-toxic
  • The highest limonene content of all citrus oils
  • A bright and cheerful oil that can be ingested and used in cleaning/disinfecting surfaces and the air
  • Aids in normal cell regeneration; used highly diluted in skin care **

How to Use Orange Essential Oil

  • Add 3 drops to 1 cup plain, unsweetened Coconut milk yogurt, with nuts, hemp seeds, and some honey, for a great energy/protein boost to your morning with natural antioxidants and immune boosters
  • Mix with distilled white vinegar and water, adding other Essential oils for a disinfecting cleaning spray
  • Diffuse into the room to clean the air and uplift the mood.
    * Also~ A wonderful enhancement to other stand-alone blends

Other Ways To Use Orange  Essential Oil

  • A great flavor enhancer for sparkling water, and Vanilla “N’ice” cream
  • Stimulates digestion
  • Often used in blends to build emotional strength and courage
  • Somah’s “Courage blend” for the diffuser or X5 the recipe and make a blend to use on the feet in the morning before setting intentions for the day. Add it to Jojoba/roll-on bottle and have a great blend ‘on hand’; to boost mental balance.Courage blend

Use in Ayurveda for Orange Essential Oil

  • Stimulates Pitta
  • Decreases Kapha
  • Balances Vata

Aromatic Profile and Product Details of Orange Essential Oil

  • A sweet, fresh, fruity scented oil. It’s properties stimulate and calm. It’s bright orange color is a hint of it’s power as a digestive and mood enhancer.  It’s known to be heating and sweetly pungent. Used as an anti-inflammatory, expectorant and heart tonic
  • This has a slightly different profile than bitter Orange and a very different taste

Blends well with These Essential Oils

Safety Considerations for Orange Essential Oil

  • Photo-toxic: stay out of the sun if applied to skin**

History or facts of Orange Essential Oil

And adaptogen oil: A fun oil that can be both relaxing or energizing depending on your mood when using it.

Orange (sweet or bitter) is likely the least expensive oil to distill.

The Orange tree gives off THREE oils:

  • Neroli~ from the blossoms
  • Orange~ from the fruit peel
  • Petigrain~ from the leaves, twigs, flowers.. All of it!

**It’s an incredible oil for skin regeneration AND it’s used in skin care while it’s known to be photo-toxic. Stay out of the sun and/or tanning beds direct light contact, up to 24 hours if applied to the skin.

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5 mL, 10 mL, 15 mL, 30 mL, sample

2 reviews for Orange, Sweet (Bio-Certified)

  1. SomahDevi

    My oldest is in public school, 1st grade… last year he was sick ALL august and most of the fall/winter. I have been using this primary for him and I have seen an amazing difference in him and how his lil body is handling not only seasonal allergies but fighting away other viruses being passed around already at school. But, my lil dude is not sick yet so I am crediting using this! Emily B.

    Yaaay! And orange is sooooo powerful too. Amazing. Thanks Emily for taking the time to give us a review! love somah

  2. SomahDevi

    I absolutely love the orange oil! It’s refreshing, clean, and uplifting!
    Kellie C.

    All oranges are not the same.. I love THIS one tooooo.. thanks Kellie! Love, Somah

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