Motia (Night Blooming Jasmine) Hydrosol



This is probably the most intoxicating scent on its own, in the most pleasing manner.

The classic scent of jasmine, long lasting and memorable.  A hydrosol is the by-product of steam distillation or hydro- distillation of a flower.  It is not the blending of oil and water, as they would never fully bind.

In India, the night-blooming jasmine is called “motia,” which means “night queen,” because the flower brings joy to the heart and soul with its exotic sweetness. The oil comes from tons of creamy white flowers.

Recent scientific research has confirmed what traditional Ayurveda knowledge has observed over the centuries: Studies on the effects of inhaling jasmine fragrance have found that the flower produces a stimulating effect on the mind and significantly increases mental alertness.

This can be used as a linen spray, spray for the hair and on the skin.  It’s a most elegant water to use as the liquid channel in any body or face cream.

Because a hydrosol obtains both the water and oil properties, it can be used as the liquid in a spray. Then be creative and add essential oils to enhance a certain mood.  Perhaps a few drops of Frankincense, “heart-note”… Or a deep rich sandalwood? Patchouli would be just velvety!   Message us with what you concoct, we love to hear from our customers!

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