Melissa aka Lemon Balm (Bio-Cert)



This source is a connection to the late Horst. Somah is deeply honored to have this oil in the Savitur collection!

Lemon Balm (aka: Melissa) has a slightly lemon, herbal, grassy scent.  One of the earliest known medicinal herbs, it is most often used to treat nervous disorders.   It is highly effective as an antidepressant.  It slows the respiration and pulse, lowers the blood pressure, and the antispasmodic property effects the smooth muscles.  These health concerns benefit from the calming effects of Lemon Balm: depression, anger, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and cognitive impairments.  The antiviral property of Lemon Balm can inactivate a virus before it enters a cell.  This makes it very, very effective against the Simplex herpes virus.

The power behind just a drop is amazing.. a very very little goes a long long way!

Apply neat (it will sting!) to any sign of an outbreak at the first sensation.

Blend it with:
Rose Geranium, Tea tree and Lavender in equal proportions including a carrier like Olive or Jojoba.  Use as daily application to avoid outbreaks.

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2 mL, 5 mL, 10 mL


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