Lavender, Reserve (ECOCERT)




This Lavender TRULY is like a fine wine – because only a certain amount is offered each year.

This comes from Simiane high up in the French Alps. Eric and Sylvie Bonnet lovingly care for the land using biodynamic growing methods and heirloom seeds. This lavender has been chosen because of its scent and its highly effective medicinal qualities. It has a light, sweet, floral aroma.

Lavender chooses to express itself differently because of climate conditions, different varieties, soil condition, elevation, etc…. Lavender varieties can be soft and sweet or sharp and more medicinal. This Lavender reserve was chosen because of the scent and its highly effective medicinal qualities. We believe that if you care for the land as much as Eric does, the most authentic Lavender will show itself and that is what we have lost in this industrial food revolution. By buying and using this Lavender, you support a revolutionary stand and help to support what once was abundant and is now rare.

Use on minor wounds/burns, etc. to assist the skin’s natural healing ability. It is revered for its ability to cool an overheated body. It reduces feelings of anger, agitation, and insecurity. It gives luster to the skin, balance to the body, and happiness to the mind. Lavender is the most popular essential oil.  This is our favorite for daily infant/baby use.

Constituent Profile: 37.71% Linalyl Acetate, 29.03% Linalool, 0.43% 1,8-Cineol, 0.19% Limonene, 0.15% Geraniol, 0.02% Coumarin, 0% Camphor

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