Lavender, Kashmir (Himalayan)



Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia var kasmir
Origin: India

A Superior High-Altitude Lavender, also known as “Kashmir” Lavender.

“When in doubt, use LAVENDER”

Grown in the Himalayas (the land of Kashmir), Lavender Essential oil, is the most frequently used oil in Ayurveda.  It’s properties are known to decrease imbalances of Vata, Pitta and Kapha (the biological forces of wind, fire and earth).  By balancing “wind,” Lavender oil will assist in slowing down the overly active mind and will support tranquility and peacefulness.  By balancing “fire,” Lavender oil will decrease excess heat in the body and mind and will support clarity and brightness of presence.  By balancing “earth” (phlegm) Lavender helps shift sluggish tendencies, complacency and melancholy.  This is why we associate Lavender with calming effects, especially in children!

The balancing properties can boost stamina and energy.  Along with easing stress and relaxing, it is used to cleanse common cuts, bruises, and skin irritations.  A French scientist, Rene Gattefosse, was severely burned in a laboratory accident and immersed his hand in a vat of Lavender and realized the healing property of the oil.  This oil is so gentle that it can be used with animals to calm them.

This oil is steam distilled from the flowering tops.  It has a sweet, floral, herbaceous aroma.  Spiritually, this oil promotes the opening of the heart and crown chakras leading to greater intuition and clarity.

Pictured below is an elegant hand-dipped “Lavender” Incense, from the spicy Himalayan variety.

FUN USAGE TIP: Wet the tip of your finger with the Himalayan Lavender and smear the inside of a dry wine glass. Pour in some Red wine and yummmmmMY!  If its agreed upon by all present, add JUST ONE DROP to a entire bottle.

WHICH LAVENDER?  At Savitur Botanicals we carry three!  This is our FINE ‘everyday Lavender’.  If you are using it for intense skin care, like burn patients or healing scars, use the Lavender reserve.  If it is going on an infant DAILY, use Lavender reserve.  Although the Kashmir variety is safe on skin and in the bath sporadically.  It’s best for it’s aromatic effects for calming and soothing tension.  If you are diffusing it, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY… diffuse the Himalayan Lavender and take in the unique ‘spice’ it has from the super high altitude it comes from. If you like the traditional french lavender scent for the diffuser and bath, try our French Maillette. It’s less than the Reserve but has that floral scent.

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