Somah created a lush roll-on that has an intoxicating combination of Indian Sandalwood and Night Blooming Jasmine (Sambac).


It is in an organic Jojoba oil, which is a carrier oil most like our skins natural sebum.

This custom EsScents can be rolled into palm and then add a drop or two of carrier lotion and smear across body.  Then seal the scent with more Unscented carrier lotion or oil and apply liberally to body.  This is also a great “perfume” to put on temples and wrists for a calming yet, inviting affect.  Goes great on the bottom of feet during meditation when working through relationship issues. (or to call in a passionate connection!)

Jaswood is a unique scent CUSTOM made by Savitur

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8 mL (roll-on), sample, 5 mL (Roll-on)


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