In the Mood (A Little Bit of Yin)




Somah was inspired to create this Signature Scent to enhance the Yin yoga benefits felt by the mind/body. ┬áNothing beats “a little bit of Yin” to calm the nervous system.

Blended without a carrier oil are the pure Essential oils of:

  • Lavender, Himalayan (Kashmir): for an exquisitely soothing mid-note
  • Clary Sage: to enhance stillness and grounding
  • Tangerine: used as a digestive, this also brightens the bouquet

Use this in your diffuser or on the bottoms of your feet. It’s excellent to inhale from the palms of hands and then smeared across low back/adrenals, to invite support to the kidneys when feeling stress or if hormones require more balance. ┬áTry adding to unscented hand lotion for extra anti-viral benefits as it harmonizes the emotions.

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5 mL, 10 mL, 15 mL, 30 mL, sample


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