Hallowed Mountain




Ingredients: CedarwoodFir BalsamBlack SpruceYlang Ylang

Hallowed Mountain is a signature blend inspired by a woman looking to ‘heal’ her inner body.

This is a rich blend of tree oils with a light scent of floral intertwined. This blend is a strong anti-fungal and wonderfully grounding.  Put a few drops in the diffuser and enhance with Lavender, Himalayan or Orange to make it more citrus-y.  Add Eucalyptus, globules and it will smell like a dewy forest after a summers’ rain!

Dilute with a carrier oil, like Almond oil and rub on the bottoms of feet before bed or for grounding.  Can be used “neat” on the feet, sparingly.

NOT advised as body oil unless diluted 1-2 drops in an oz (30 mL) of a carrier.

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5 mL, 10 mL, 15 mL, 30 mL


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