Good Sam (Good Samaritan previously)



Ingredients: Cinnamon LeafLemon, Rosemary verbenoneEucalytpus radiataClove, Cinnamon Bark

An ancient “thieves” formula of a synergistic combination of Essential oils known:

(Previously called Good Samaritan)  Look for a new name and different label when you receive it.  SAME EXACT RECIPE AND SOURCING FARMS

To kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even lice! The Good Sam blend has been proven to kill over 99% of bacteria; making it an indispensable formula for a healthy home. Diffuse in air to defend against germs and safeguard respiratory system when exposed to colds, flus or mold. Add several drops to cleaning supplies and hand soap to naturally disinfect your home. Sweep a few drops over clothing and hair to gently disperse the oils for all day protection. 1-2 drops may be rubbed in to nail beds to prevent fungal infections. Good Samaritan is a very potent blend of antimicrobial essential oils; dilute or discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Have you heard of Thieves or OnGuard?  This is a full varietal of those ‘blends’.

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5 mL, 10 mL, 15 mL, sample

5 reviews for Good Sam (Good Samaritan previously)

  1. SomahDevi

    Applied as directed. It has a pleasant clove smell it is easy to apply. Thank you for prompt service.
    Thomas T.

    Thank you for your review Thomas! in gratitude, Somah

  2. SomahDevi

    I have enjoyed the product. Jean F.

  3. SomahDevi

    Excellent product. I will be buying other oils.
    Thanks Maria R.

  4. SomahDevi

    On the recommendation of my aryuvedic practitioner I bought Good Sam to help protect me and my family from cold and flu germs. I love the scent and my cat is not Disturbed by it. So it’s a win win. Teresa R.

    “Fantastic Teresa.. so good to hear from you. The long time recipe of this blend has definitely stood the test of time. peace + love, Somah”

  5. SomahDevi

    The scent of this oil reminds me of Christmas. It’s so festive!! And powerful! I love diffusing this blend. Deneen B.

    Ahhh yes! The cinnamon and clove are so strong and yummy.. thanks Deneen for the review!! love somah

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