Frankincense Hydrosol (Somaliland)



Botanical Name: Boswellia carterii
Origin: Somalialand

This is our recommended Frankincense Hydrosol over the Serrata from India, for face/skin care.

About “Frankincense, c. hydrosol”

  • Best Frankincense variety for skin care
  • A variety that is safe to ingest

  • How to Use “Frankincense, c. hydrosol”
  • Add to face and body/skin care
  • Can be added to blends for ingesting when dealing with balancing health
  • Frankincense, c.  is used in meditation and yoga


Other Ways To Use “Frankincense, c. hydrosol”

  • Perfect Anti-aging Face Spritz
    To 1 oz of Frankincense hydrosol
    5 drops of Helichrysum
    3 drops Neroli
    2 drops of Sandalwood

  • Calming After Shave Spritz
    2 oz spray bottle
    5 drop Cedar, atlas
    3 drops Vetiver
    (optional 1-2 drops Rose or Sandalwood)

  1. Use in Ayurveda for “Frankincense, c. hydrosol”
  • Kapha and Vata decreasing
  • Pitta increasing

  • Aromatic Profile and Product Details of “Frankincense, c. hydrosol”

A heating and drying oil used in Ayurveda, Frankincense has a bitter, astringent, sweet scent.

  1. Blends well with These Essential Oils
  • Lavender
  • Mandarin
  • Orange
  • Myrrh
  • Helichrysum
  • Clary Sage
  1. Safety Considerations for “Frankincense, c. hydrosol”

Do not ingest without diluting under Professional care

  1. History or facts of “Frankincense, c. hydrosol”

The tree is scarred, the sap oozes out and is collected forming hardened crystals. This is later hydro-distilled which allows the resin to co-mingle with the water, serving as it’s extraction medium; helping to ensure therapeutic benefits stay intact.

A hydrosol is the by-product of the distillation.  Approximately 1 gram of oil is in each 1000 grams of hydrosol. Making it much more gentle for those looking for a lighter option than the straight oil. Cost effective too!

Face: Sweet, Balancing and Tonifying. Spray liberally on face to rebalance skin PH and soothe acne, blemishes, cuts, wounds or sores. May be used to prepare face for our Acne Treatment or Rose Regenerative facial oil blends.

Body: A great anti-microbial and gentle enough for children or sensitive skin.

Home: One of the most valued herbs of Biblical times, Frankincense is often used to prepare the body and mind for prayer, yoga or meditation. Spray your skin and your space to clear, ground and restore.

A fresh and wonderful smokeless alternative to smudging for “clearing” spaces.

By definition, true hydrosols are not essential oils added to water, but the bi-product of essential oil distillation. Hydrosols contain all of the water-soluble elements of a plant and are extremely safe and effective for skin care.

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