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Franipani, also known as Plumeria evokes a hypnotic tropical scent.. Mmmmm and relaxing at the same time. It’s a light, fresh and inviting aromatic treasure!

Plumeria is a genus of flowering plants in the dogbane family. There are 7-8 species, that originally come from the Mexico and Central America area.  Most Hawaiian leis are of Frangipani.  This plant was brought from Australia first and New Guinea; some thought it was indigenous to Hawaii, not so.

Plumeria Rubra also known as ‘Common Frangipani’ or ‘Red Frangipani’, produces fragrant flowers with 5 spreading petals, ranging from yellow to pink depending on form or cultivar, in summer to autumn.


  • Frangipani won’t burn except in extreme (over 500 degrees) temperatures.
  • In Caribbean cultures the leaves are used as poultices (a healing wrap) for bruises and ulcers and the latex is used as a liniment for rheumatism.
  • The frangipani is also associated with love in feng shui.
  • In India the frangipani is a symbol of immortality because of its ability to produce leaves and flowers even after it has been lifted out of the soil. It is often planted near temples and graveyards, where the fresh flowers fall daily upon the tombs.


This blends beautifully with Sandalwood, in a teaspoon of Jojoba oil as a soft body nourisher and graceful scent. “Calming Grace

It can be the top note in a diffuser blend. It is a wonderful scent to dab on the heart chakra before bed or a bath. It’s soothing personality will bring a twinkle to your smile.

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