Feel Free


Usage: Shake well, consume 1/2 bottle for first time users. A straight shot all at once.  You will notice a lighter feeling after about 15-20 minutes. The euphoric feeling lasts about 3-4 hours.

It’s sweetened with Stevia leaves.

The bottle are made from 100% recyclable glass with aluminum caps, ensuring a minimal footprint on the planet.


A feel good wellness tonic featuring Kratom & kava root; ancient plants from the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, where they’ve been used socially and in wellness for centuries. This specific strain of Kratom and the way it is blended with the Kava and other flavors, such as pineapple extract and coconut solids for maximum bioavailability, is what makes the a bar none unique product.

Experience a new way to feel good and feel free.


Feel Free is a Botanic Tonics proprietary blend of euphoric bliss!

- Enjoy as a kava/kratom based herbal tonic during the day

- Enjoy as a non-alcoholic drink substitute

- Enjoy as a euphoric drink when hanging out with friends

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Order Amount

Two single 2 oz shots, Case of Twelve 2 oz shots

5 reviews for Feel Free

  1. Taylen Jackson

    “Love these shots! Best energy ever! No shakes later. Adios coffee!”
    michael mccrary

  2. Taylen Jackson

    I take it about an hour before I work out and its amazing! It also allows me to have a really good nights sleep.”
    JW Ross

  3. Taylen Jackson

    This is my new go to for relaxing and just feeling amazing. To me it feels like I’m just having the best day ever! I’ll be ordering a twelve pack soon 🙂 ” Michael Covey

  4. Taylen Jackson

    TRY IT!
    Uplifting and energizing tonic. I found focus and a happy feet type buzz. Will buy again.”
    Nick Kristobak

  5. Taylen Jackson

    Started with a 2-pack and just bought two 12-packs. BTW – I prefer the product chilled, so I keep it in my refrigerator.”

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