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Somah created a facial toner for herself years back.  She’s received such great feedback when using it during her Indian Facials, (see “services”) she made it a product for all to benefit from.

Rose Hydrosol from Bulgaria is the oil/water base, for the luxury oils of Frankincense, carterii and Helichrysum (aka “Immortelle”).  This is a decadent spray to use under your favorite non-paraben face cream. It is a fantastic spray on any skin area that needs extra healing; perhaps the legs right after shaving? There’s an option for adding Sandalwood into the mix as well.

For extremely sensitive and acne prone skin, ask for Sandalwood hydrosol and our acne treatment blend with just a bit of Rose Regenerative blend.  Soothe and support!

See the benefits of FrankincenseHelichrysum (and Sandalwood) oils by clicking on them!


Spray on face until skin is moist, let it sink in and apply a facial cream or a gentle care oil to seal in the moisturizing oil‘s.  Apply after washing face or as needed to brighten skin and refresh the senses.

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1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz


Anti-Aging Face Spritz, Anti-Aging Face Spritz + Sandalwood, Anti-Aging Face Spritz + Acne Treatment


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