Exotic Oils



Champa, White 2 mL
Jasmine, Dawn Blooming
 2 mL
Rose, Otto 2 mL
Cocoa in Jojoba 5 mL
Vanilla in Jojoba 5 mL

The price of this kit reflects a 20% discount!

Champa, White: White Champa Essential oil is an amber colored liquid displaying a suave, sweet, floral bouquet with a fruity-herbaceous undertone.  Magnolia essential oil can also help treat mild depression when used in air diffusion. Magnolia essential oil is also used in soap making, massage oils, bath oils, and of course in perfume body oils to smell magnificent. Magnolia flower essential oil has a calming effect on the nervous system, and can help give a feeling of relaxation.

: Jasmine is an exotic flower which exudes an incredible intoxicating scent which has become legendary among perfumers, gardeners and aromatherapists. In India Jasmine is poetically called ‘the moonlight of the grove’ a title which comes from scared Hindu scripture. 8 million flower blossoms are needed to make one kilo of the absolute and the flowers must be carefully picked in the early morning hours only when the flowers are opened partway. The Jasmine has a mysterious seductive scent which can intoxicate the senses and lessen our fears. It can increase energy and confidence and increases romance and attraction. In India the flowers are used in ceremonies, in the hair and to make garlands. Jasmine tea is still flavored with the jasmine flowers. Jasmine is used to bring increase joy, heighten arousal, reduce fears and anxieties.

Rose, Otto: This is one of the oldest and best known of the essential oils. Rose Otto is steam distilled from the rose petals. Rose Otto has a more concentrated rose-honey aroma than rose absolute. One drop of pure essential rose oil equals 60 roses. For thousands of years rose oil has been used for menstrual conditions, digestive issues, circulation, skin care, perfume, and incense. When rose oil is used the heart and crown chakras expand. It is primarily used to open the heart chakra so that unconditional love can be experienced. It brings harmony and peace while dispelling fear and tension.

Cocoa in Jojoba:Incredible aroma of the finest chocolate. The Theobroma cacao tree is an evergreen preferring tropical climates. The name translates as food of the Gods. This fatty oil is also known as cocoa butter. This oil is actually a byproduct of the chocolate making process. The rich fat is comprised of a number of skin healthy fatty acids including stearic acid, oleic acid, and palmitic acid. The Mayas and Aztecs used this in religious practices and natural healing methods. It is widely used today in skin products. Its antioxidant properties protects against sun damage and aging. Because of its emollient and occlusive properties it is a common ingredient in moisturizers and body lotions. It is an excellent ingredient in erotic formulations

Vanilla in Jojoba:Vanilla planifolia is a species of vanilla orchid. The oil is solvent extracted using the beans or pods. It has a rich, sweet, balsamic, vanilla-like aroma. It is mainly used in fragrance. This is a blend of 80% deliciously scented vanilla with 20% organic jojoba oil. It comforts the emotions and calms the spirit. The health benefits of this oil include antioxidant, aphrodisiac, anticarcinogenic, febrifuge, antidepressant, sedative, and relaxing.


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