DIY “Classic EsScentials”

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With this DIY Kit, you can create your own Essential Oil blends.


What you’ll receive:
10 mL of each Essential oil listed below plus five, 5 mL empty bottles and blank labels; to craft your blends:

The items will come in a decorative purple mesh gift bag.  Upon shipping your order, a full list of DIY recipes will be sent to you.  (A QR code is coming soon!)

The recipes will include::
Room diffusers, Insect repellent, skin care, massage blends, pain relief, first-aid treatments, hair care, allergy care and so much more!

These recipes are NOT for any other Essential oil company.  All EO’s are unique in strength.  Do not expect the same results from other branded EO’s.

2 reviews for DIY “Classic EsScentials”

  1. James White

    As an allopathic physician boarded in Emergency Medicine and practicing for 20 years, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this collection by Somah on so many levels. The ability of aromatherapy to change brain chemistry and mood is well known and I have become to rely on her essential oils in a diffusor to set the tone of the moment with intention. Her formulas for everything from waking up calm and grounded, to sweet dreams to sensually erotic are all spot on and can set the tone almost instantly. The moisture it introduces to the air soothes nasal passages and has potential for great benefit for those who snoring or are prone to bloody noses. The medicine vaporizes through the air, coats the lining of the airway where it is absorbed and releases the benefits of powerful plant medicine throughout the system. Somah offers straight forward advice on the use of these potent medicines including what to avoid. This would make an incredible gift for a partner or loved on on a journey of spiritual and physical health. I highly recommend this product.

    Warmest regards,

    James White, MD FACEP

    • SomahDevi

      Thank you so much Dr. White. So happy you are enjoying the wellness benefits as well as the fantastic aromas!
      in gratitude, Somah

  2. Caroline

    I love the DIY collection!
    The recipes are easy to follow. There are some interesting combinations that really work.

    Right now, my favorite recipe to diffuse is the Clean Air Act. It is a soft and subtle scent that feels like it is actually cleaning my air. I use it in my meditation room almost every day. I haven’t tired of it yet.

    The one hit wonders are so valuable. I have tried all of them except putting the citrus burst on my ice cream.

    The deodorant doesn’t give me enough protection. I’m experimenting with increasing the tea tree.


    • SomahDevi

      Thank you for your review Caroline.. keep us posted on your perfect balance for the deodorant, Try adding Patchouli or Vetiver!

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