DIY “Alchemist Package”


With this DIY Kit, you can create EVEN MORE your own Essential Oil blends.



In this epic collection you will be able to be the Alchemist!!  You will receive extra supplies listed below. Each Essential oil will be 10 mL:

After your order ships you will receive a full recipe document.  Soon to be in QR code format.
The recipes will include::
Room diffusers, Insect repellent, skin care, massage blends, pain relief, first-aid treatments, hair care, allergy care and so much more!  Also included for mixing will be:

  1. Roll-on bottles
  2. Spray bottle
  3. Extra blending bottle for a body/massage blend
  4. 9 empty bottles
  5. Caps/spray nozzle/inserts
  6. Labels for your home crafted items


Items not pictured in photo.


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