Deo-EsScents, Earth



Ingredients: Lavender (Himalayan)Tea TreeThyme LinalolVetiver

Savitur has come up with a “wild” version of tested antibacterial oils that are safe on the skin.  Check out the video at the bottom

Used to replace conventional Aluminum-containing deodorants. Because offensive odors are caused by bacteria, antibacterial essential oils are extremely effective at eliminating underarm odor, but do not stop perspiration.

To use, simply apply 3-5 drops undiluted to fingertips and rub under each arm as needed. Or roll into armpit and rub creating a seal against the skin.. being mindful if there is any hair to be sure the oil sticks.

Our calm grounded blend including Vetivert marks the scent of our Earth deodorant. These oils stick around and do their job from anywhere to 6-12 hours. When beginning, start with less and add more to find out how much you need for an effective dose.  Men.. be sure to MASSAGE IT INTO THE SKIN. Get beneath the hair. The oil will stick if it adheres to skin.

*For Breast/Prostate Health
These therapeutic formulas have more than just anti-bacterial effects. Both deodorants are high in limonene-anticarcinogenic monoterpenes, and other lymph cleansing and cell protective properties. After underarm application, use a second application of your deodorant to the chest and sides of the body to increase lymph-cleansing and circulation.  Massage inner thigh area too. This method of daily body massage with oils will support health and vitality.

Antiperspirant deodorants. Millions of people use them daily to cover up foul body odor and reduce armpit perspiration. But antiperspirant deodorants are a no-go if you want to avoid chemicals like aluminum chlorohydrate, which can absorb directly into the skin and promote the formation of breast cancer. Aluminum from antiperspirants is also believed to contribute to brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.
Other toxic additives in antiperspirant deodorants include parabens, a class of artificial preservatives that mimic estrogen in the body and promotes the growth of cancer cells. Parabens are also linked to gastrointestinal damage, nausea and central nervous system depression.

5 mL bottle is VERY SMALL.. more of a trial size

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5 mL (roll-on) *trial size, 8 mL (roll-on), 15 mL, 30 mL, .05 mL sample


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