Coffee CO2 (ECOCERT)




Botanical Name: Coffea arabica

Coffee has the familiar warming scent of Coffee grounds with its deep, rich, bitter, caramel, earth tones. Coffee is not just a drink but its aromatic essence and flavor can be captured and preserved with a CO2 or distilled extract.

Our coffee oil is used in foods, perfuming and for awakening the mind. It smells just like roasted coffee beans and can be used as a scent and flavoring in baking. Coffee has been used by professional perfumers and has been used in several high end perfumes. The aroma of Coffee is comforting and grounding. It helps us too make decisions and it stimulates the mind improving our mood. Studies have shown that people are more helpful when the scent of roasted Coffee is dispersed into the air. Coffee is safe and non-toxic, currently no known risks exist with the use of this delicious aromatic treasure.

Coffee is used therapeutically in anti-aging and anti-cellulite formulas. Coffee brings tightness and “perks up the face” naturally and is used a lot in modern skin care today. To do this, simply add 1 drop of coffee oil and 1 drop of rosemary verbenone to your eye creams and dab gently under the eyes to reduce bags, dark circles, or puffiness. Do this 1-3 times per day.

Add just one drop of coffee to your moisturizer for the face to tone, tighten and brighten the skin. Some people think 1 drop of coffee takes years of the face within minutes. I add mine to my Veriditas Rose Regenerative anti-aging serum. The mix smells heavenly!

For Cellulite, add coffee oil to your lotions or better yet salt scrubs. Coffee will help to bring circulation to the white adipose tissue or “dead fat” that is not metabolically active. This has been a trick used for centuries using just coffee grounds to rub the stubborn fat on the legs and buttocks.
Coffee oil contains the flavor and aromatic components of the Coffee Bean which is ideal for cooking. Our Veriditas Coffee Essential oil is made from Organic Coffee Beans from El Salvador. Coffee is a thick sappy extract which is safe to use in deserts, ice cream, drinks and cosmetics. Coffee does contain Caffeine, so if you are sensitive, beware of its effects. I have used 3 drops on my legs, and felt it within minutes! Take Care. See the side of our label “contains caffeine”

Coffee has a long history in human society, used all over the world with its’ delicious flavor and stimulating effects. Coffee was first integrated into Arabic societies in the 15th century and from there it went to the Dutch, French, Brazil and the rest of the world (Rhine 277). Coffee is made from the red beans of an evergreen tree with large green leaves and white flowers. It has come to popularity largely because of its euphoric and energizing effect caused by the alkaloid, caffeine. The aroma and taste of Coffee is also of great value to business and our personal enjoyment and is used heavily in the food industry.

Suggested Uses:

Flavored Ice Cream

A scoop or more of Ice cream then add 1-3 drops of Coffee oil.

Baked Goods

Infuse the flavor and scent of Coffee in to your favorite homemade cakes, cup cakes, cookies, breads, bread pudding, crisps, croissants and more. Simply add several drops of the Coffee oil to the batter or frosting before baking and the flavor will delight the palette.

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