BULK Vetivert Hydrosol


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Botanical Name: Chrysopogon zizanioides
Origin: India

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The hydrosol has a very rich scent but is lighter than the oil. It is wonderful to use in room sprays for grounding. Also use as a deep facial and body spray. It helps reduce large pores.
A few drops of an essential oil like Helichrysum and/or Rose otto can be added to the spray for a wonderful daily face tonic. Use 5-7 drops for 1 oz. Up to 20 drops of a combination of essential oils can be added to a 4 oz spray.

From a vitalistic perspective, the roots of Vetiver are innately nourishing, strengthening and grounding. Vetivert is a grass.  For the overactive mind, Vetiver is relaxing and is well suited for one who constantly strives for perfection. Vetiver helps bring about a sense of ease, letting the mind just be.
Like Sandalwood, Patchouli and Frankincense, the earthy tones of Vetiver’s fragrance improves with age. Vetiver is considered to be a strong base note. Base notes take more than 12 hours to evaporate.

Somah has visited this distillery.

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