BULK Rose, Otto (Bio-Certified)




Rose Otto
Rosa damascena
Origin: Bulgaria

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Rose Otto is one of the best known of the essential oils.  It is steam distilled from the rose petals.  Rose Otto has a more concentrated rose-honey aroma than Rose Absolute. One drop of pure essential rose oil equals 60 roses. Only use a steam distilled Rose oil in skin care, rather than an absolute.  Rose Otto means ‘steam distilled twice’ for maximum quality and healing properties.

Rose essential oil can be used to treat hot, inflamed, or itching skin. It is excellent for scarring and mature skin too. Topically applied it is effective in reducing menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms. In Europe, it is used to aid digestion and as a nerve and endocrine tonic.

For thousands of years rose oil has been used for menstrual conditions, digestive issues, circulation, skincare, perfume, and incense. When rose oil is used the heart and crown chakras expand. It is primarily used to open the heart chakra so that unconditional love can be experienced. It brings harmony and peace while dispelling fear and tension.

*All true steam distilled Rose oils will harden if in a cool environment.  It becomes wax like. To soften, simply put in pocket or warm in the palms of the hands for a few minutes

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