BULK Ravintsara (Bio-Certified)


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Ravintsara (Bio-Certified)
Cinnamomun camphor

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Ravintsara is a wonderful oil used medicinally for the lungs.  It is often confused with Ravensara but VERY DIFFERENT with how it’s used in aromatherapy. It’s leaves are distilled and it comes from the east coast of Madagascar.

The scent of this oil is sweet, spicy, and camphorous similar to but milder than eucalyptus.

The properties are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, expectorant, bronchitis, and neuro-tonic.  It has been used for insomnia, aching muscles, sore throat, colds and flu.   It is known to boost the immune system.  It is a favorite oil for allergies and sinus infections.  It can clear confusion from the heart and release grief from the lungs.  It affects the solar plexus and heart chakras.

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