BULK Jasmine, Dawn Blooming (Grandiflorum)


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Jasminum grandiflorum

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Jasmine is an exotic flower which exudes an incredible intoxicating scent which has become legendary among perfumers, gardeners and aromatherapists. In India Jasmine is poetically called ‘the moonlight of the grove’ a title which comes from scared Hindu scripture. 8 million flower blossoms are needed to make one kilo of the absolute and the flowers must be carefully picked in the early morning hours only when the flowers are opened partway. The Jasmine has a mysterious seductive scent which can intoxicate the senses and lessen our fears. It can increase energy and confidence and increases romance and attraction. In India the flowers are used in ceremonies, in the hair and to make garlands. Jasmine tea is still flavored with the jasmine flowers. Jasmine is used to bring increase joy, heighten arousal, reduce fears and anxieties and in skin care. This Absolute is non-toxic when organic and safe for all populations. Some people may have a rare allergy to this absolute.

Jean Carles described Jasmine Absolute as being equal to a baker’s butter in terms of usefulness in perfuming; it is said that there can be no perfume without jasmine. Jasmine has an exotic and intoxicating floral top note as well as musky base tone which blend well with the natural human odor. In traditional perfuming the goal is to attract a mate and to enhance arousal and intrigue. This is accomplished by finding base tones which enhance natural body odors add top notes like floral scents to make a lasting alluring impression. A traditional perfume will make the wearer cheerful and playful in disposition softening inhibitions, increasing mental energy and encouraging erotic attraction; Jasmine is supreme at accomplishing all of the above.

Jasmine is very useful during pregnancy, child delivery and in the months following the birth of a new child. It helps reduce the need for sleep and brings joy and cheerfulness. It can help release the flow of milk in the breast in the case of engorgement; in fact, in Polynesia there is a tradition of hanging jasmine flowers around a nursing mother’s neck to alleviate this condition. It helps balance uterine spasms and is one of the best oils for facilitating childbirth. For new parents Jasmine’s effects of stimulating to the mind, reducing need for sleep and increasing attraction become prerequisites for a continued romantic relationship. It reduces postpartum depression and separation anxiety as well.

Mentally and emotionally Jasmine is very powerful at lifting one out of depression, fatigue, sadness and anxiety. Studies have repeatedly shown that Jasmine Absolute stimulates the mind and increases joy and happiness. It can be used to help depression, postpartum depression, nervousness, reduces fear and anxiety in emergency situations, increases confidence, cools agitation and over thinking. It facilities good sleep and helps with insomnia and brings pleasant dreams. Spiritually Jasmine opens the heart and brings about compassion for the self and others with optimism and acceptance.

Jasmine is made as an absolute through solvent extraction usually with alcohols or Hexane. Solvent extraction makes it possible to create Jasmine oil because the Jasmine flowers are too delicate to withstand steam distillation. The solvent extraction allows extraction without using heat and water which would damage the flowers and lead to a poor quality product. This beautiful “king of fragrance” is produced in France, Italy and the majority is made in Egypt. A Jasmine essential oil can be produced by steam distillation of the absolute. Jasmine contains a complex chemistry with over 100 compounds.

Jasmine is a climbing shrub with intertwining vines. Jasmine is very diverse boasting over 300 different species and varieties, the absolute is obtained from only two of these varieties. The plant can grow to be up to 20 feet high with bright green leaves and white star shaped flowers. Caretakers of Jasmine plants know the incredible smell that these flowers produce when the delicate flowers open and share their transcendent aroma. This flowering shrub can be grow in many climates but must be sheltered from the cold. It is native to Iran, Afghanistan, China and India.

This Jasmine comes from a favorite source of Somah’s in India

Suggested Uses:


9 drops Myrrh

12 drops Sandalwood

8 drops Jasmine Absolute

5 drops Rose Otto or Absolute

4 drops Cistus

2 ml Castor oil

In a 5 ml bottle

This creates an amazing perfume which is complex in sensuous, floral and robust. It is an aphrodisiac, mood enhancer and boosts confidence. Creates about 4 ml of perfume.

Mood elevator Cologne and Perfume:

5 drops Jasmine

8 drops Grapefruit

8 drops Sandalwood

2 drops Neroli

Optional 1 ml carrier oil (Castor oil, Jojoba ect.)

This blend is sure to elevate your mood! Individuals with depression, anxiety, fatigue, anger, frustration will have nothing to lose but their suffering when using this blend. It has a beautiful citrusy and floral aroma which is luxurious as a perfume or men’s cologne. Please feel free to add additional drops of any of these oils to customize the scent to your liking.

Mature Skin Facial Serum:

8 drops Jasmine

5 drops Helichyrsum

8 drops Roman Chamomile

20 drops Lavender

2ml (40 drops) Rose Hip Seed Oil

This blend allows one to care for mature skin naturally. Used as a facial serum it will encourage cell proliferation, balance completion, help rosacea and generally revitalize the tone and color of the skin. This is ideally used as part of a face care treatment. First apply a hydrosol, Rose Geranium, Rose, Orange Blossom or Helichrysum are ideal for mature skin. Followed by spreading 2-3 drops of the facial serum then applying a natural lotion. This can be done morning and night for best results.

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