BULK Blue Tansy (Bio-Certified)




Chamomile, Blue (Moroccan) aka Blue Tansy (Bio-Certified)
Tanacetum annum

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Blue Tansy (aka Moroccan Blue Chamomile) for its vivid deep blue color.  The blue color develops during the distillation process when the chamazulene is released from the plant leaves and tops.  The aroma is sweet and herbaceous.

Chamomile in general is used in aromatherapy as it calms anxiety and relaxes the mind.  It is also used for burned, inflamed, and damaged skin.  It is valuable in addressing allergic reactions and reducing pain. Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile are used more often with children but Moroccan Blue Chamomile can be used with additional dilution.

This is a FAVORITE scent of Chamomile for blends, says Somah!  Very balancing/grounding and goes excellent with tree oils and citrus scents.  Can be diffused or applied neat (or with other oils) on the feet for relaxation before bed.

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