BULK Blue Lotus, Absolute (India)



Blue Lotus, Absolute (India)
Nymphaea caerulea

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This is an EPIC oil!

Look for decadent dark raw chocolate with “Blue Lotus”… Mmmmm

Our Rare Blue Lotus is imported from a distillery in India that Somah has visited. It is wildcrafted.

The Blue Lotus scent is relaxing and euphoric which helps relieve muscle spasms. It’s best in a blend due to the powerful scent. It is an ‘exquisite’ oil by every standard.

The Blue Lotus was considered to be a magical sacred flower. It is rare and costly.
It has high aporphine and nuciferine content. People have said that it is a must for anyone doing energy work.

It is used in Ayurveda to ‘bring balance to Vata’ ~the air/ether element in our system that becomes disrupted with anxiety, nerves or extreme depression/grief/sadness that we feel.

Somah’s recommendations for Blue Lotus…

I use “a smear” not even a full tap, in my palm, with another oil that smells complementary; My favorites… Orange is WOW, as is Frankincense, Serrata… the Himalayan Lavender really accents it too..

BLEND:  3 drops Lavender, 3 drops Orange, a TEEEEEEEEEENY smear of Blue lotus and have an intoxicating scent in your diffuser.

Take a small empty bottle, like one that hosted Lavender, Orange or Frankincense and make a blend:

40+ drops Lavender

40+ drops Orange

one “shot” (tap the bottle with index finger, while bottle is over vessel you’re pouring into)

… then you’ll have a blend that will last weeks/months, depending on how often you use it.

Heart hurt? Just one teeeeeeeny smear on your hear chakra and smooth on rose or Frankincense “Heart Note”, and feel the pain melt away…

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15 mL, 4 oz


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