Bergamot (India)


This Bergamot would be outstanding in candle and soap making!


Origin: India
Botanical Name:
Citrus bergamia

This particular bergamot oil is brilliantly bright.  It is “wildly” different compared to a standard Bergamot. Keep that in mind if deciding to order for the typical scent.  It goes great with the wildcrafted Lemon when making a diffuser blend.

The Bergamot oil has been used for centuries in perfumes and confections. It is extracted from the almost ripe peel of the fruit. The aroma is a fresh and clean complex citrus that is tangy with a VERY floral odor. Bergamot is known for its mood stabilizing and uplifting effects. It helps promote clarity in the work place and can calm agitated children. It helps reduce melancholy and sluggishness. Bergamot gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavor and aroma.


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