How do these phrases land on you? 

What does it take for you to have a clear mind, in connection with a feeling of balanced relaxation?

S O U N D…. such an epic tool, do you agree? The vibration of music is proven to enhance neurotransmitters that communicate whether we are safe, in anticipation or even in danger.  Think of movie soundtracks!!  Do you know what else has a measurable vibration?

A  R  O  M  A… another radical tool; 

Radical because it’s so simple, effective and one we often overlook.  Generally we think of Yoga/Meditation as our first go to, when under sensory overload but what if you’re not ‘in the mood’?  That may be THE LAST thing you feel like doing.  This is where the olfactory comes in, my friends.  Our limbic system is responsible for relaying information to the brain (nervous system).  It’s immediately penetrated by scent.  This happens even faster than physical touch!  An aroma that is filled with treasures from nature in the form of Essential oil components, undisturbed, will instantly ALLways redirect emotions.  (for better or worse!!!)  A scent triggers a memory or a reaction.  If it’s naturally an ‘anti inflammatory’ property, it will de-escalate the monkey mind while soothing an injury, for example.  High quality, clean oils, are as balancing to the brain as they are to the ailment one may be seeking in an Essential oil product. 

Clarity of the Mind, featured in September, is perfect for “Back to School”.  Of course use it when at the computer, or work.  Rely on this gorgeous blend to stop a headache on contact.  Apply a few drops to finger tips and massage the scalp and neck/shoulder area.  It’s fabulously cooling, for the lingering hot days in September.  Achy muscles?  Add just a drop or two to a palm of massage oil and soothe legs, back and arms as you promote a sharp uplifting scent to fill the room.

Relax & Balance, also featured, will level out emotional upset. It can be the perfect partner for self foot rubs and breathing techniques.  Apply a few drops to your palm of olive or Jojoba oil and dive in to the right foot, then the left.  After a few minutes on each side, use your hands to do a breath sequence to calm the mind.  Check out this set on the Affirmative Yoga YouTube channel:  

Clearing the mind for a healthy body is imperative to feeling GOOD!  Our body keeps the score of our thoughts.  Relax.. Balance.. Enjoy the life you are here to celebrate!!

Peace + love,

Somah Devi Ma 

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