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Warm Thoughts

Warm Thoughts


Warm Thoughts, Signature Blend

In honor of a sound healing and Essential oil event Somah co-taught, she created a blend that would allow the sensory system to slow down and take in the moment.  A gong bath can be a very powerful healing tool.  And a few drops of an Essential oil blend to your feet before-hand and/or put a few drops in a diffuser and feel the healing power accelerate! 

  • Gingergrass: calms 'Vata': the air, ether element of body. The mind too!
  • Mandarin: a digestive; this helps us stay connected to our 3rd Chakra. The power center.
  • Vetiver (India): using this oil as a fixative gives the blend its strength and focus.  This is a powerful oil that can enhance ones drive in a healthy way.
  • Palo Santo: known as an energetically clearing scent; and it’s aroma leaves one feeling grounded and meditative.

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