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Majmua Udd Attar blend (India)


Majmua Udd, Attar blend
Origin: India

Revered as a delicacy!

  • Somah has obtained this specific Attar in a limited quantity from a personal friend/mentor of Horst; the world renowned creator of Aveda 

This is an incredible combination of four Indian attars:
Kadam, Kewda, Mitta and Ruh Khus is in a Sandalwood base.  An Attar is a maceration of plant/flower material through the exquisite, velvety richness of Sandalwood 

Majmua Udd is known to meld with your body's chemistry and smells completely unique on everyone that wears it.

This sensuously hypnotic oil blend has warming and balancing properties. Use it to purify the sense's of each chakra; use it to increase clairvoyant and transcending situations.

Udd is balancing to all three doshas; has a unique woody, floral and musky scent.  This historical 'perfume' was 18 years in the making by Mr. Ismail Mohammadali Attrwala, a master perfumer.


Diffuse 5 drops neat into a room diffuser, for a deeply calming affect 

Add 2 drops to hair product for a gorgeous scent

In an unscented carrier lotion or oil apply to body for an intoxicating aroma that will be enjoyed all day! 

Shiva/Shakti!  The beauty behind this particular Attar, feels both masculine and feminine 💙🌺

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