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Thyme, Thymol (Bio-Certified)


Thyme, Thymol (Bio-Certified)
Thymus vulgaris thymol

Thyme Linalol & Thymol are the common Essential oils used. 

This Thyme must be diluted highly and by someone aware of blending oils!

Familiar to most as a common seasoning for cooking, this Thyme oil is often referred to as Red Thyme.  Or Rouge.. since it comes from Spain!

It may cause irritation to the skin without proper care.  It is distilled from the leaves and tops and has a warm, herbaceous, pungent, and spicy aroma.  It is used for all types of infections.  The high thymol content encourages expectoration and its warming effect reduces excesses of phlegm and mucous. During World War I, it was used as a disinfectant in the hospitals.  This chemotype has 60% to 70% thymol giving it the strong antiseptic property.  It is an effective agent against nasty bacterial strains.  It can be used to uplift the mood and enhance mental stamina.  In ancient times it was thought to instill the virtues of strength, energy, and bravery.

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