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Rose, Rare White Absolute


Origin: Bulgaria

"Bring Somah a bouquet of white roses and she will forever be captured by your spell!"  Such an exquisite sent.

Rose White Absolute is an reddish-orange somewhat viscous liquid(even though the petals are white the centers of the flowers are deep gold and the pigments from the stamens, etc colors the absolute with a suave, sweet, rosaceous, honeyed-creamy bouquet with a delicate balsamic, spicy undertone of fine tenacity. There is a fine warm radiance and ethereal quality emanating into the environment containing the essence.

It is an absolute, which means it is an alcohol extraction. But all oils are tested to verify no residual alcohol is in the final product. It is extracted from the flowers.

Suggested Use:
SKIN CARE: STEAM DISTILLED is best, not absolute
CIRCULATION MUSCLES and JOINTS: palpitations, poor circulation
RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: asthma, coughs, hay fever
DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: colic, liver congestion, nausea
NERVOUS SYSTEM: depression, impotence, insomnia, frigidity, headache, nervous tension and stress related compaints
GENITO-URINARY SYSTEM: irregular menstruation, leucorrhoea, menorrhagia, uterine disorders.

The Romans believed white roses grew where the tears of the goddess Venus fell as she mourned the loss of her beloved Adonis.

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