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Relax and Balance


A wonderful blend to diffuse. It can be lightened by using adding extra Orange or Lavender.  For an increase in hormone balancing, add Clary Sage and blend with Almond oil or Olive oil.

Use this before bed.. or a deep meditation. An incredible addition to a massage; use Apricot seed oil to lighten it, if desired. This was inspired by our friends at Creekside Spa in Crested Butte, Colorado for their massage clients.

Put 2-4 drops in your running bath water and chil-LAX.

Rub 3-6 drops in palms of hands. Cup hands near nose and slowly inhale 5 deep long breaths. Rub excess oil on shoulders, neck, over low back/adrenals and with fingers, massage into the scalp.

Or simply apply 2-3 drops to collarbone area 20 minutes before sleep.

Caution: Avoid Eye Contact 

Jatamansi, Lavender (kashmir), Roman chamomile, Orange, Vetivert, Clary Sage

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