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Mandarin, Red (Bio-Certified)


Mandarin, red
Citrus reticulata

Origin: Italy

This oil is Bio-certified and of the ripe RED fully matured fruit and comes from a private source in Italy through a personal connection of Horst, the founder of Aveda. There was only ONE kilogram released to us. This is an incredible limited supply. This is not available in bulk sizes over 4 oz.

About Mandarin Essential Oil

As a variety of Tangerine, Ayurveda uses Mandarin for so many reasons.. anytime an oil can be ingested, diffused and (DILUTED) on the skin; it's a great oil to have at home. 

It's so refreshing like Orange and so soothing at the same time. It's an excellent oil to have around for teenagers; to soothe the atmosphere and the skin!

Mandarin is known as an excellent oil for digestion. It's known as the "Happy Oil' for its uniqueness in bringing joy and solace in the environment. It can be used in the bath (just a few drops; maybe add Lavender & Patchouli too!). Mandarin oil acts as a tonic to the system. It is indigenous to China and is now cultivated globally.  Mandarin is used in the varieties of: Green, Yellow and Red

How to Use Mandarin Essential Oil


4 drops Mandarin
3 drops Bergamot 

4 drops Mandarin
2 drops Lavender (Kashmir is Somah's fav!)
1 drop Clary Sage (or Patchouli)

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