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Lemon (Bio-Certified)


Botanical Name: Citrus Limonum
Origin: Italy

It is best known for its ability to cleanse toxins from the body and it’s widely used to revitalize energy, purify skin, and used as an antiseptic & anti-fungal.

About Lemon Essential Oil

  • Lemon has a strong citrus smell that is refreshing and revitalizing.
  • The properties of lemon are stimulating, calming, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and detoxifying.
  • While lemon adds a pleasant taste and aroma, it aids in digestion and stomach problems.
  • The detoxifying and astringent nature rejuvenates sagging or tired looking skin.
  • Inhaling lemon oil increases concentration and alertness.
  • The high vitamin content gives a boost to the immune system.

    How to Use Lemon Essential Oil

    • Diffuse it: and concentrate!
      4 drops Lemon
      2 drops Peppermint
      1 drop Rosemary
    • Detox the blood: and cleanse
      3 drops Lemon oil
      1 drop Tea tree
      A small bunch of mint leaves
      Add to 32 oz or more of water and let chill in fridge over-night. Drink on an empty stomach before Yoga. A benefit to breath practice, “Pranayama”

    Other Ways To Use Lemon Essential Oil

    • Clean it: and smell great
      Add to 4 oz or more, Vinegar/Water solution
      10 drops Lemon
      5 drops Tea Tree
      4 drops Pine
      • Can be used in combination with Niaouli, internally, as an earache remedy, when properly blended and administered.

        Use in Ayurveda for Lemon Essential Oil

        • Decreases Vata & Pitta
        • Balances Kapha

        Aromatic Profile and Product Details of Lemon Essential Oil

        • Inviting and cheerful this cooling and drying oil is brightly known to uplift and focus. It brings blends together nicely.  It’s used as an: Astringent, Antiseptic, Expectorant, Carminative, Anti-depressant, and Antiviral enhancer

        Blends well with These Essential Oils

        • Lavender
        • Frankincense
        • Cedar, atlas
        • Peppermint
        • Eucalyptus
        • Tea Tree

        Safety Considerations for Lemon Essential Oil

        • Photo-toxic
        • Can be irritating to skin; drying

        History or facts of Lemon Essential Oil

        • The aroma of lemon can inspire increased concentration and awareness. A Japanese study showed that after diffusing lemon oil throughout a busy office building, typing errors decreased by 54%. Lemon and Peppermint oils are also used in German office spaces to increase efficiency and productivity.
        • Around 3,000 lemons are cold pressed to make 2 pounds of lemon oil ( 1 liter). Therefore, it is quite expensive to produce.

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