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Holiday Pine Cone


Somah blended the pure oils of Fir Needle, Cinnamon leaf and Wintergreen and the scent is like a 'homemade holiday pine cone' that you perhaps made as a child and hung on a tree.  

A deep Fir, balanced with Cinnamon and just a hint of Wintergreen; this is lovely to diffuse!  

If you are keeping illness at bay, add Eucalyptus globulus to your mix:  

  • 4 drops Holiday Pine Cone
  • 2 drops Eucalyptus, globulus (radiata is best for bath water, internal use and skin)

This would also be a nice blend to use "gently" in a Men's beard oil. Gentle use would be: 

  • 15 mL empty bottle, fill 14 mL with Jojoba oil
  • 9 drops Frankincense, carteri (great oil for beards!)
  • 5-6 drops of Holiday Pine Cone

...and know his immune system is regenerating as he breathes in the Essential Oils on his face.  For application, see "Beard Oil"

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