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Ingredients: GrapefruitPatchouli, Orange 

This is a beautiful combination of oils representing the deep devotion and absolute confidence of Hanuman.  It was created for the Hanuman Yoga Festival in Boulder, CO. 

Hanuman is known for his service to humankind.  As a young child he was filled with tenacity and inner knowing of just how incredible his majestic powers were.  He grew into deeply devoting his service to Ram (our power center, 3rd Chakra).  His attitude of service combined with complete humbleness have inspired Somah to blend oils together reminding us of who we really are deep within.  She began using this combination in yoga classes a few years back and has watched the inner charm expand into one's daily living. 

It is a wonderful oil blend to put in the diffuser.  It is awesome to smooth a few drops on the bottoms of feet prior to a yoga class or anytime you are looking to remember the inner guru (the teacher of light within you).

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