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Geranium -Himalayan


“Geranium” Himalayan

Plant Name: Pelargonium graveolens

Origin: India

About “Geranium” Essential Oil
    • An analgesic, this is used for pain relieving properties, as it’s also an anti-inflammatory
    • Calms emotional feelings, supports a feeling of stability
    • Because of it’s high citronellol, its been shown to be active against Candida
    • One of the most powerful antibacterial oils known
    • A Cicastrisant, meaning it’s skin healing

    How to Use
    “Geranium”  Essential Oil

    • As a lymphatic, it is gently stimulating to the lymphatic system. Use it with Grapefruit oil

    • Supporting the musculoskeletal of the body, it can be added to cool carrier oils (Coconut) to support decreasing inflammation, swelling and arthritic conditions

    • Used in a variety of skin/hair care products. Try adding 1 drop to your shampoo next time you wash your hair

    Other Ways To Use “Geranium”  Essential Oi

      • Relieving spasms and cramps, add to a carrier oil and apply liberally
      • Uplifting blend:
        2 drops Geranium
        1 drop Rose
        2 drops Bergamot
        2 drops Orange
        Add to 8 oz of water in a diffuser and ENJOY the emotional benefits or add to ½ oz of Jojoba/Olive oil and massage on feet before your day begins.

      • Use in Ayurveda for “Geranium” Essential Oil
      • Pitta and Kapha decreasing
      • Vata balancing

      • Aromatic Profile and Product Details of “Geranium” Essential Oil

      A cooling and moisturizing oil with a sweet and astringent taste. 

      1. Blends well with These Essential Oils

      • Lavender

      • Tea tree

      • Patchouli

      • Grapefruit

      • Lemongrass

      • Bergamot

      1. Safety Considerations for “Geranium” Essential Oil

      Non-toxic, non-irritating

      1. History or facts of “Geranium”  Essential Oil 

      Many of the same components in Geranium can be found it Rose oil too.  It’s very nourishing for dry and aging skin as well as helpful to reduce scar tissue.
      Try using it to cool athlete’s foot and other irritated skin issues.
      Rose Geranium and Geranium are quite different in structure as well as VERY different in scent.  There are many varietal types of Geranium; Asperum and Graveolens are just two, commonly used.

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