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Cinn-Immune Warming Blend

Cinn-Immune Warming Blend


Cinn-Immune "Warming Blend" was created for Peace of Mind Massage in Denver, CO.  This is a massage blend that strengthens the immune system while feeling warm on the skin for the colder/dryer months.

The blend contains the oils of:

Multiple Usage:

Add 1-2 drops of oil blend in 1/2 oz of a warm carrier oil like Sesame oil (NOT toasted sesame!)

As the oil is massaged into the skin, a drop or two more of the blend may be added, for additional warming sensation. Go slowly, the oil heat delays a minute or so. Mustard seed oil can be added around stiff joints for deeper penetration and heat.

May add 4-6 drops in 6 oz of water, in a diffuser.

2-4 drops into palms for deep inhalation and warming sensation. Can rub lightly on neck/shoulders and across over lower back. If it's too warm, directly, add Olive oil or Jojoba directly and allow to cool.


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