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Cesca's Cawfee Blend


Somah and her friend Francesca were having 'cawfee', as she says it.. and when Somah handed her a mug of Cookies and Crema's Espresso roast after it was French Pressed asking, would you like a little 'Somah special'?!  Cescas's response was, yeah.. give me a lil Savitur 'guige' (pronounced joojjj) to which Somah added the perfect blend of Cocoa, Cinnamon bark & leaf Essential oils.. 

Francescas' response?  "Om I gawd... that is B A F"... can you bottle that?

Savitur's new blend was born!  You'll find it in local Cawfee shops around Denver and Castle Rock.  Get one for yourself.



  • 1 drop for a pot of cawfee serving 3-4
  • 1 smear on the inside of your mug or paper cup before adding your fav coffee.  NEVER in a plastic container, even if iced.. 

*plastic and oils for  consumption are a toxic combination.

  • 1 drop on a spoon and stir it into a serving of Vanilla ice cream or Plain Coconut yogurt that would serve 2-3..

** Cocoa and Cinnamon are so very strong.  One drop can ruin a single serving or enhance a recipe for 3+  LESS IS MORE with this blend.


Diffuser: So lovely to diffuse with Coffee oil or Vanilla.  Excellent with Tangerine and Sandalwood too.